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Sharathon 2012 is October 16-18

October 16th, 17th, and 18th have been designated Sharathon 2012 at KJLT and KJTF. Our theme is “Jesus, Savior Of The World!” That's a message the world so desperately needs to hear. John Townsend,  Gary Hofer, and special guest host Bob Lepine from Family Life Today will host the sharathon. Our sharathon goal is $281,050.   That is a very  important goal to reach.  We don't sell any commercial time but we do depend on listeners to help cover the cost of operation for the KJLT/KJTF Radio Family over the next year. 

We will be asking our listeners to make a Faith Promise.  The Faith promise is the amount you would like to contribute to the KJLT/KJTF Radio Ministry over the next 12 months. You may choose to make a one time gift or give monthly. Some choose to make automatic monthly donations through their bank.   Contact us for more information about how you can do that.  Many of our listeners are Day Sponsors, underwriting a whole broadcast day for both the AM and FM stations. The investment for a Day Sponsorship is $770 or just over $64 a month. Day Sponsors are often times given in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, pastor appreciation days, or memorials.   DaySpnsorships air on all three stations on your chosen date. All gifts whether large or small are very important. Everyone doing something will make a difference.

We ask that you prayerfully consider how you can help. It will help in getting us off to a great start for the KJLT/KJTF Sharathon.   Remember your gift does make a difference in touching the lives of others.   May we count on you? Thank you so much!


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